Bicycle rental service

The beauty of the island’s nature can most probably be appreciated on foot or on a bicycle. Those who love trekking or cycling will find unforgettable itineraries in Sardinia. The mountains are not particularly high, but on the other hand they are still untouched.

Bike rental price: about 45 €/week (* refundable deposit: € 50)

We recommend some itineraries in the area:

Alghero / Palmavera / Pine forests / Bombarde / Lazzaretto / Alghero

Difficulty level: Easy
Distances Total km: 25
Asphalt km: 15
Dirt-covered km: 10
Hiking time: from 2 to 3 hours.

In this itinerary you will visit the nuraghe Palmavera, located at the foot of the homonymous mountain, the largest nuraghic village dating back to the Bronze Age in our territory.

You can get there along the beaches, the pine forest of Maria Pia, up to the village of Fertilia along a short cycle path, all on asphalt.

At the end of the visit to the nuraghe, downhill, you will reach the beach of Lazzaretto, where you can admire the beautiful landscape that sweeps from the tower of the same name, the coves of rock and sand with rocks emerging from the sea. The beach of Bombarde is also very beautiful, with its particular grainy sand formed by the erosion of shells and crustaceans.

Return to the city along the paths in the pine forests.

Alghero / Monte Palmavera / Monte Istidu / Monte Doglia

Difficulty level: Medium
Distances Total km: 37
Asphalt km: 14,7
Dirt-covered km: 22,3
Hiking time: from 3 to 4 hours.

From Alghero you arrive in Fertilia, and after having crossed the bike path, our off-road excursion begins, taking one of the old roads used during the Second World War to reach the various bunkers and other buildings scattered in the area (some still in good condition).
Along the way you can see from above the nuraghic village Palmavera (named after the mountain of the same name), consisting of a main tower of 8 meters high and 10 in diameter, with 40 huts distributed in a confused way, some of which are no longer visible (complex dating from the tenth and seventh centuries BC).

The climb is not difficult, both as a slope and as a bottom, actually there is only a stretch to be done on foot (for the presence of rocks and gravel), where at the end, you can admire the view of the promontory of Capo Caccia, the bay of Porto Conte and the cliffs of Porto Ferro and Porticciolo.

After a short stop, we continue through the pine forest to reach the asphalted road that leads to the top of Mount Doglia (436 meters); but our path deviates on a dirt road, until we reach about 250 meters above sea level, where there is a small roof terrace used by the forester, from here you can see the airport, the pond of Calik, the agricultural area, Fertilia and in the distance the bay of Alghero.

You return to the previous paved road, where another fun and not difficult off-road descent begins, leading to a small nuraghe, unfortunately not accessible, and half covered by vegetation.
Then, you return to the city, flanking the pine forest of Maria Pia and the beaches of the Lido.

Alghero / Lago Baratz / Porto Ferro / Porticciolo / Alghero

Difficulty level: Medium
Distances Total km: 65
Asphalt km: 35
Dirt-covered km: 30
Hiking time: from 3,5 to 4,5 hours.

This is the longest excursion that we are going to present to you; it starts from the centre of the city and reaches the village of Santa Maria la Palma, where there is the homonymous wine cellar, and from here, again on asphalt, after a few kilometres you can reach Lake Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia.

Its extension is not very wide (about 12 km the perimeter), while the landscape is varied and interesting.

You can admire the typical Mediterranean flora with an intense scent (dwarf palm, strawberry tree, myrtle, broom), the fauna (mainly composed of birds, freshwater fish, and turtles), and the characteristic rocks formed by solidified mud. The bottom is not demanding and can be covered by everyone alternating with short ups and downs and always compact bottom. At the end of the ring, we pass through the pine forest to reach the cliffs of Porto Ferro and Porticciolo, an area almost always exposed to the winds (not annoying for cycling).

For this reason, the sheer cliffs in sandstone, have deep erosion, while the vegetation, sparse and low, replaces the lush vegetation of the lake. In the area there are some of the Saracen towers, ancient military outposts, unfortunately not in perfect condition because of the weather.
Upon returning to the city, all on asphalt, flank the villages of Maristella, Fertilia, pine forests and beaches of Alghero.

Alghero / Punta Giglio / Alghero

Difficulty level: Medium
Distances Total km: 40
Asphalt km: 16
Dirt-covered km: 24
Hiking time: from 2,5 to 3,5 hours.

This route has as its fundamental stage the visit of the barracks of Punta Giglio, the only best preserved outpost of war in the area.

The panorama ranges from the bay of Porto Conte to the ridge of Capo Caccia, up to the bay of Alghero. In the cliffs nest varieties of birds including seagulls, cormorants, falcons and kestrels and if you are lucky you can also see the Sardinian wild boar.

To get to about 80 meters above sea level of Punta Giglio, you cross the Pinewood of Punta Negra, Bombarde (along a fun single-track near the sea), Lazzaretto up to the village of Maristella.
From here we enter the pine forest of Punta Giglio, reaching, on a compact climb not very difficult, the altitude of 130 meters above sea level, and then face a fun and challenging descent on rocky ground, until you reach the barracks.

After a stop, you return along another short descent of stones to be tackled with some caution. At sea level, you can admire the Bay of Porto Conte, and then return to the city.

Bike rental price: about 45 €/week (* refundable deposit: € 50)